Organizer is for projects and tasks, such as new investments, re-investments, changes, or network maintenance. In Organizer, a project consists of one or several tasks. Each task can have its own changeset, in which changes in the network connected to the task can be performed. In a task, the process is built up by activities, decision points, and milestones. The ownership is set for each process step. It is also possible to set resource demands for an activity that simplifies the use of external entrepreneurs for fieldwork. It is possible to build templates for recurring processes.
Meet the instructor

Björn Persson

Senior consultant
Björn Persson is a NIS professional since 1983. He has a Masters Degree in Geomatics at KTH Stockholm Sweden and has been working with product development and consulting in the NIS and work management sectors with companies such as Intergraph, MELDIS and ESRI. Björn is today a senior consultant with Digpro, specializing in work management solutions and process development consulting.